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Realize this right now- Look through this applic-ay minus the “Goth doom judgment doom” attitude, and with the “haha lets laugh at ourselves because really no one should listen to THAT much Bauhaus” attitude, Because this thing is chock full of it. And maintain an open mind. This isn’t a Goth applying here. This is a Briana Urena. A rare breed indeed…Rawr, I’m a Vampiric Dinosaur!

Name-Briana Urena
Nickname- B.l.u.
Location- Kentwood, MI
Birthday-June 24, 1990
Age- 15. Yeah, well, your mother.

Level of Education- 10th grade

Sexuality- Straight.

Favorite Movies/Documentaries-The Crow, Requiem for a Dream, Clandestine, Punk: Attitude, Cowboy Bebop Movie, Bend It Like Beckham, The Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, Edward Scissorhands, The Secret Life of Vampires, Woman and Vampires,
Favorite Bands-AFI, The Smiths, The Cure, The Cult, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Joy Division, Jack’s Mannequin, Apoptgyma Berzerk, VNV Nation, Morrissey, Rudimentary Peni, Sisters Of Mercy, Ladytron, The Cruxshadows, Velvet Acid Christ, Echo and the Bunnymen.

Favorite Books- Chronicles of Narnia, 1984, A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Edgar Allen Poe Complete Book of Poetry, Emily Dickenson Poetry, The Diary of Anne Frank, A slew of Holocaust/WW2 history books, Pandora, Gravitation, Tarot Café, Fruits Basket, JTHM, Mars, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Crow

Favorite Authors-Daniel Hadler, George Orwell, Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickenson, Anne Rice, Jhonen Vasquez, James O’ Barr

Favorite Artists- Andy Warhol. Yu Waste. Naoko Takechui. Park San Sung. Maki Murakami. Jhonen Vasquez. Myself. My little sister Janelle.

Favorite Clothing-My “She Sells Sanctuary” White Pirate Top, My black and grey jacket, my spike belt, my black dress pants, my blue and white “Emo” top, my Bauhaus shirt, My Miles Davis shirt. All of which was either purchased at a 75% off rack or at a Thrift shop!

Favorite Clothing that I do not own- Corsets, Goth Victorian style clothing, Band Shirts, Things with lots of chains and holes and just messiness everywhere.

Favorite Song Lyrics-
Whoa! What a question! Anything by AFI and The Smiths would do, Drops of Jupiter by Train, or anything by Bright Eyes or Something Corperate… I also like Sanctified by NIN, Beating Heart Baby by Head Automatica makes me plenty happy…but oh Lord how I cried when I listened to this…



You're a few years overdue.
I spent them waiting here for you.
Now your charity's refused,
I can name a penance for abuse.

Twenty four years overdue,
what kind of role model are you?
Very least learn not to do,
I think I might be over you.

Do hope I won't
Learn to make
The same mistakes,
That you would
Make me aware
That only fear,
My only hope,
Is letting go.

Went on a limb for you,
Capsized when I turned twenty two.
Did it burn as bad for you?
No bottle serves to soothe my wounds.

Do hope I won't
Learn to make
The same mistakes,
That you would
Make me aware
That only fear,
My only hope,
Is letting go.
My only hope
Is letting go.

You're a few years overdue.
I spent them waiting here for you.”

5 Gothic Bands-Joy Division, The Cruxshadows, Christian Death, Sisters Of Mercy, Alien Sex Fiend. I have come to notice that a lot * aka most* of the younger Goths dig AFI, and some more underground or morbid punk rock. I’m sure the older ones would too, if they decided to give them a chance and quit trying to pass it off as kindergoth music. I honestly haven’t found a person who’s listen to AFI and knows who they are completely and STILL dislikes them. Prove me wrong here, guys?

5 Goth bands that aren’t technically Goth but we still listen to them- The Cure, The Cult, Nine Inch Nails, New Order, Tears for Fears

How did the subculture begin? - Loosely, It started from the punk rock movement. There were all these bands sprouting up everywhere and they were being influenced by the American punk rock *mc5, Iggy and the stooges, The Ramones, etc* and then that influenced the English punk rock movement. *The Sex Pistols, The Clash*Ian Curtis when to a Sex Pistols show(Morrissey was also there) and decided that to make music was his true calling *and thank God for that*. He went on to be the lead singer of Joy Division. Their lyrics were more despairing, their music more gloomy, and their sound all around just depressing. A lot different from the in-your-face politically and socially charged piece of anarchic raw meat that punk rock/early hardcore was, And the crappy pop/70’s music still flying around. Their manager thus classified it as “Goth” in comparison to the other music genres flying around at that time *punk, alternative, etc*. The word caught on. Other bands with that type of feel and sound started to come on the rise too, like Southern Death Cult, Bauhaus, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Sisters of Mercy. *The Batcave scene was starting to grow along with Bauhaus. Sisters of mercy preferred NOT to be associated with Goth, as did The Cult later on. *. Because of The band Bauhaus’ more sinister and Goth look, and their more official naming or their music to be hinting towards Goth, they are usually considered to be the first Goth band, not Joy Division. *Which by the way, irks me so.* Anyways, their music was essentially more dark then its predecessors *I’m not trying to pass them off as secondwave bands…They just came after the likes of The Damned, S&B and JD*, and the lyrics touched on subjects that others never bands and styles of music ever thought to touch on, like vampires, Depression, questioning the life and the afterlife, death, blood, hell, all that melodramatic and yummy sad stuff. Some of the first Goths songs were “Everyday is Halloween” By Ministry and “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” by Bauhaus. For me, either one of these-“She’s lost control”, “Atmosphere”, “Atrocity Exhibit” or “Twenty Four Hours” will do it.

What do I think of related subcultures-that they are just that; related subcultures. They are all cool. I have gotten into some of them *industrial, electronica, raver, etc* So I have no problem with it. Just as long as people know their stuff and know how to tell the difference and whatnot. Some people DO care about details. But really, do what you wish.

What do you think of the “more Goth than thou” attitude that some represent/display- hehe…I use it sometimes, but always as a joke. I don’t take myself TOO seriously. I can get away with it too because no one here even knows what real punk rock is, let alone GOTH. But seriously, It’s a defense mechanism. It’s a way to push the ones who we don’t think should even utter the word Goth out of uttering it, Let alone gallivanting about as if they are Gawthiest of Gawth. (Amy Lee aficionados and Linkin Park lovers…your day WILL come). But people should be careful with it. Sometimes, it can be angled at the wrong people for the wrong reasons, (like because someone is young, or because they like Emo music, *shakes angry fist* no resentment here, guys!) and then it becomes stupid, useless and rude. And sometimes, having that attitude can make you come off as a major jackass/snob. Or if you’re really a winner, both! So it’s a touchy subject. Then again, sometimes nothing more need be done other then brush off and ignore the Hey-pointy-shoes-Bauhaus-Vinyl-An Ankh-I-OWN-your-morbid-and-dying-soul type of attitude.

How did you get into the subculture?- When I was 13(almost 14) and I saw all of the Slipknot worshippers, the Amy lee freaks, the Marilyn Manson followers, and how they called themselves “Goth”, it made me sick. They dressed in nothing but crappy hot topics clothing, constantly talked about destruction, death, blood and cutting in a haughty showy way, and they were TOTAL and COMPLETE idiots who knew nothing and followed what their “gawth” boyfriend or girlfriend said they should follow this week.*Lots of resentment here, guys!* I knew there was more to it than that. I looked about to see if anyone had a clue to what it REALLY was, and saw that the AFI guys like a lot of what was called Goth/darkwave bands. (Davey Havok wears his Joy Division shirt so much its sickening). So I started to look into it and I heard a few songs by The Cure/Joy Division. Since then, I’ve been hooked. I can honestly say that thanks to the AFI guys divine tastes in music, I finally found what was really Goth. And of course, my tastes grew and evolved. Other than that, it’s the usual story- I was an outsider my whole life/Used to be sickly anti-social with a rather pessimistic and depressing look on society and people/I have a higher intelligence than other people do/ I’ve always been rather strange/I’m artistic and overdramatic/And I’m extremely open minded though I can be a bit stubborn and strong willed at times, especially when I feel threatened and want to make a point. And Goth fed and still feeds *and forever will feed* to all of those facets of my personality.

New school/old school-I always prefer old school everything. Its more pure. It shows where the music began. There are no hints of “Hey! Look it! I’m Gawth” because it didn’t exist back then. (Not that those hints of Goth-ness are bad, But there is less of a stereotypical ness and more freedom if its non-existent.) And I prefer the Darkwave sound anyways. But I haven’t looked too much into the newer stuff, so I couldn’t say 100%.

Why do you consider yourself Gothic- I don’t. For me, Dark waver is definitely a better term. But I also like a whole bunch of other genres/cultures of music like Hardcore, Punk, Indie, Emo, Jazz, Metal, etc. So, to just consider myself Goth would be cutting me short. But the reason I’m attracted to it is because its so beautiful. I love EVERYTHING about it. I fit in with the others that don’t. I’ve always been attracted to the things that have more depth and that are darker and debauchery. I don’t find any of the music or the people strange, and it’s a culture that has intelligent people who I can really relate to…I love just moping around thinking and brooding over absolutely nothing while The Smiths play in the back of my head…I love the struggle of trying to situate all my silver jewelry so it doesn’t get caught in the layers of black clothing that I worked hard to match due to a malady called fading…*laughs*

Labels are- Ok! If you think you can be labeled as one thing, and that defines you as a person 100%, then that’s great. I’m Very proud of ya. If not, then don’t label yourself and don’t bitch at the ones who do. Its stereotyping that brings us down. When labels start being used negatively instead of positively, then it’s no longer cool. Labels can be effective if you’re trying to find people you can relate to, but it should be used to do that and NOT to find people you can’t relate to and whom you will separate yourself from/abuse/ostracize/look down upon/think yourself to be better than/etc. (At least, to a certain extent. For example if you think that mentally you’re more ahead than a group of bubbly idiotic cheerleaders, than ok! But just don’t be mean.) And you shouldn’t let labels define what you will or won’t like. Just like what you want to like.

How did you hear about this community-through the 80’s Goth community. Pretty spiffy place, but don’t bother uttering the word EMO there.

Why do you want to join- Why Not?

Pictures- It would own if you guys would give me some slack in this department! I just got grounded off my computer indefinitely the only way I can get to the interenet is on the school computer during my 3rd hour! I’ll go to a friend’s house and get pictures as soon as I can. But If you really want a picture and a bit more information on me, go to my xanga-
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