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Not Gawth. Application


July 5th 1975


Level of Education:

Favorite Movies:

  • The Hunger
  • Rain (New Zealand)
  • 24 Hour Party People
  • 9 Songs
  • The Wicker Man
  • Spinal Tap

Favorite Bands:
Older Stuff
  • Adam and the Antz - Before they went pop the twistingly good art-punk band invented Goth and didn't even know it.
  • Killing Joke - First Three Albums are like thunking foundations for the next 20 years of Post-Punk.
  • Joy Division - Nothing more needs be said. Never Goth, but so influential.
  • Sex Gang Children - We all know Andi was really the first Goth and that the whole thing was a joke."Oh the bright young things go ape-shit
    crazy". Spot on.
  • X-Mal Deutschland - Oh so good, but oh so unknown. Next on my CD lists.

Newer Stuff
  • Ausgang - They are back and better than ever.
  • leisur::hive - Their work feels like it has an idea behind it. Scary and wonderful.
  • Zombina and the Skeletones - Horror Punk Pop. Could anything be more fun?
  • Joy Zipper - Nugaze that works.
  • Skeletal Family - They are back and better than ever.

Favorite Books/Authors

  • Alastair Reynolds. (Revelations Space)
  • Stephen Donaldson. (Thomas Covenant)
  • Don Cupitt (Sea of Faith)

Favorite Artists
  • Dufy - I like boats.

Favorite Clothing
  • My Antz T-Shirt (I have)
  • My 90's era 11 hole DM's (I threw them away I guess)

Favorite Song Lyrics:
Adam And The Ants - Never Trust A Man (with Egg On His Face)
A man and a woman walking down the street
With a son and a daughter it was oh so sweet
When Mummy turned to Daddy and she said: "My dear,
Write out your will the end is near"
Then she pulled out the gun,
I saw the sparks
Messed up the suit that he'd bought from Marks
She'd heard the voices from Outer Space
She'd heard the voices from Outer Space
She'd heard the voices from Outer Space
Saying "Never trust a man with egg on his face"
Three months later Mrs B stands
A smile on her face, blood on her hands
The kiddies got scared and have run home to bed
The headlines in the papers said that
She was the victim of an awful plan
Announced through the mouthpiece of a little green man
She'd heard the voices from Outer Space
Saying "Never trust a man with egg on his face"
Never trust a man with egg on his face

Name at least five GOTHIC bands:

  • Siglo XX
  • Leningrad Sandwich
  • Frank the Baptist
  • Virgin Prunes
  • The Specimen
  • Bolshoi
  • Ritual
  • Penis Fly Trap
  • The Ghost of Lemora
  • Adoration
  • Bloody Dead and Sexy

I consider gothic anyway:

Nico. Maybe she's more Dark Caberet.

How did the subculture begin:

When a bunch of people tried to look like a bunch of other people who were playing them music at the time. So late 70's ... In the UK Goth owes a lot to Art Rock - Roxy Music that sort of thing, Forget this 'Oi' working class Punk rubbish, the Brit Punk set were mostly  Art-School poseurs. Before you know it Adam, Siouxsie and Smith were wearing silly make up and being all deep and philosophical.

Thankfully bands from working class backgrounds turned up, but called themselves silly pretentious names like Joy Division, to confuse the press into thinking they were Nazis and fit in with the other clever middle class punk bands. Joy Division were never Goth in the dress up sense - they'd have been turned away from any self respecting Goth club.

The term Gothic was floating about to describe a more thoughtful edge to certain punk bands, and sure Joy Division, Siouxsie and others were described as Gothic. The term Positive Punk was used by a least one journo writing in the NME - there was a whole explosion of new music coming out of the general shoddiness of Punk. The highlight of this early 80's era was the Batcave Club in London. This is when the term Goth began to pogo about as a tongue in cheek term for punks in black. Some blame Andi Sexgang for being 'Count Visigoth' to his mates. Suffice to say the whole thing is and was a big joke. You either get it or you are it.

By the mid 80's Goth was sadly dead. Clubs that sprung up following the Batcave on tour, started playing sad stadium rock bands like The Sisters of Mercy, who were a U2/Bon Jovi tribute band. This Neo-Goth produced legions of Velvet Kids, who worshiped Andrew Eldritch like a God. Sensible Goths like Mick Mercer and Pete Scathe had by 1989 started suggesting people listened to Grebo instead,
which was like Goth but with more colors in it.

In America Goth didn't happen, but Deathrock did, which is like Goth but better apart from the bits which aren't.

What do you think of "related" subcultures:

I really quite like the Dark Elektro people I know. The are bouncy and don't dance like someone has died. Cyber clothing is far more fun than velvet and seems to be harder wearing and designed for movement.

The subculture I don't like so much is the sort of mid to late 80's velvet victoriana rock Goth thing. I think they need another name apart from Goth. Goth should refer to the 79-83 genres. Goths should consider pogoing.

What do you think of the "gother-than-thou" attitude some represent:

It makes me giggle. Calling yourself a Goth is a bit like calling yourself  a Nerd. It is a gentle tease, a moment of humor, a sort of 'hey look we are dressed in silly clothes again' label. So being 'gother-than-thou' is missing the point really.

However if someone looks good and loves the music then they can be as pretentious as they like in my book. It all adds texture to the scene.

How did you get into the subculture?

I wore a lot of black, listened to Joy Division and then someone invited me to a club. I guess they had been watching me from sometime. They are everywhere. Always watching. Oh yes.

Do you prefer old-school or new-school Goth?

Old School. New School stuff like Fields of the Nephlim reminds me of Status Quo.

However I do like some of the Deathrock revival stuff floating about these days. Very much indeed.

Why do you consider yourself Gothic?

I don't. Oh alright. I do. Because I look at my DJ boxes and see Goth. Because I deny being Goth at Goth nights and people giggle. Because I do dress up sometimes and love it. Because I am arty and pretentious and call the Sisters neo-goth to wind up people who shouldn't really care. Because I own far too much black and collect Bats. Because I can take the piss out of myself.

Labels are
useful to help you remember what things are when you get old. I put little sticky labels on everything so I don't forget.

How did you hear about the community?

I was looking for somewhere to hear all about the latest goffick musick leik KoRn an stufffff!!!111!!!

But I couldn't be bothered so I came here instead.

Why do you want to join?

Actually to be honest I wanted to fill in the application form most of all. Joining is not my main concern. Although if I did join I would post reviews and stuff, and might even promise not to be rude about Slade - no not Slade - The Mission(UK). Always get them two mixed up.

Here I am looking silly.Dancing Looking Cute At work
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