FaeredelunE (faeredelune) wrote in gothsnotgawfs,

*looks around suspiciously*

Hmmmmm okay let's examine the quietness issue happening here.

This community's profile claims there are 27 members and 29 people watching. Yet for three and a half months we have only had one post on a topic other than "this community is too quiet."

If we enjoyed it when we got involved we should have an interest in participating and a willingness to create momentum instead of just ride on what other's start, yes/no?

Roll Call?

Roll Call - let's start there.

1. If you still watch this community comment below and say how often you drop by.

2. And a big one. Maintainers, show us you are still alive and take an interst in your community by commenting. It's very admirable that you haven't come up on your soap box and told the members they are slouches for not posting like many other maintainers might have done. However,  knowing you care will motivate the members to be more active. Communities tend to want even the mildest sense of a structure system.

And now for the entertainment segment of this broadcast...

*starts doing a whirling-dervish in a circus clown version of an Uncle Fester costume... solely for your amusement.*
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