FaeredelunE (faeredelune) wrote in gothsnotgawfs,

Moments in Music

Moment 91: On August 8, 1992, Madness, one of the great British ska bands of all time, played an event in Finsbury Park in London called “Madstock.” It was the first appearance by the band in eight years. Attendance was exactly 36,007. As Madness’ set reached a climax, people who lived in a nearby apartment block swore they felt an earthquake. The building shook, the windows rattled, the floor rumbled. Could it really be an earthquake in central London? Scientists went to check it out.

After careful investigation, geologists determined what happened. Down the street as Madness was playing their set, so many people were dancin’ and skankin’ during the song “One Step Beyond” they created vibrations that simulated an earthquake for blocks. Their dancing actually registered on the Ritcher scale.

The great Madness earthquake in London, August 8, 1992...new rock moment number 91.

-- Alan Cross

This tickled my old funny bones - any of you from the UK remember this or remember hearing of it? It is the first I have heard of it.
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