The Butterfly:Dancer! (cant_sleep_deep) wrote in gothsnotgawfs,
The Butterfly:Dancer!

I am going to make a list of 10-12 bands and YOU people must pick songs from the artists and place them in a good order. I will review and give the person a star. You all want a star, right?

Week of 23 November - 30 November

1. The Wolfgang Press
2. black tape for a blue girl
3. David Sylvian
4. Modern English
5. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
6. Head over Heels era Cocteau Twins
7. Throwing Muses
8. Colourbox
9. Dif Juz
10. OLD Clan of Xymox
11. Dead Can Dance

Rules are that the mix must NOT exceed 80 Minutes and Must be as close to 80 as possible.

These artists are INCREDIBLY compatible so it shouldn't be too difficult.
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