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Name/Nickname: Alison, my internet nickname’s Corbie. ;-) My real-life nickname is Jebuz. =(

Location: Edinburgh “City of The Dead” Scotland. Bwuahaha!

Birthday: 13th May 1986

Age: 19, turning 20 in May.

Level of Education: High school standard grades, highers in media, English and drama, advanced highers in media, English and drama, college higher degrees in sociology, English and psychology, college credits in business and computing, University credits in English, computing and script-writing.

Sexuality (optional): Homosexual man trapped inside a woman’s body. =)


Favorite Movies (up to 10):
• Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
• Schlinder’s List
• Jacob’s Ladder.
• Tomb of Ligea
• The Raven (lol @ Boris Karloff. =) )
• Pit and the Pendulum
• Straw Dogs
• Das Experiment
• Life is Beautiful
• Blue Velvet.

Favorite Bands (at least 10, no more than 20):
• Lou Reed/Velvet Underground
• Bauhaus/ Love and Rockets
• Cinema Strange
• Joy Division/New Order
• Nick Cave and supporting bands
• Cinema Strange
• Bella Morte
• The Cure
• Idlewild
• Siouxsie and the Banshees
• David Bowie
• The Doors
• Interpol
• Sex Gang Children
• Alien Sex Fiend
• My Bloody Valentine
• The Jesus and Mary Chain
• Pink Floyd
• Radiohead
• Eva Cassidy and Jeff Buckley

Favorite Books/Authors (up to 10 each):
• Spike Milligan- war memoirs (Hitler, my part in his downfall. Rommel, “Gunner Who?”, Monty, his part in my downfall etc.)
• Chuck Palahniuk- Fight Club and “Haunted”
• David Niven’s autobiographies (The Moon is A Balloon, Bring on the Empty Horses and other one. =P )
• Shakespeare- Hamlet, Othello and Midsummer’s Night Dream.
• Edwin Morgan – Scottish poet.
• Jan Andrews-Henderson- Writes about Edinburgh history, myths, legends, murderers and ghosts.
• Arthur Miller- Death of a Salesman, The Crucible (although the film with Daniel Day Lewis makes my skin crawl. =/ )
• Anton Chekov- The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, The Cherry Orchard.
• T.S. Eliot. My favourite poet of all time. =)

Favorite Artists (up to 10):
• Monet (We have some of Monet’s originals on display in a couple of our art galleries, I’m breathless whenever I see them.)
• Van Gogh (see above.)
• Geiger- Mostly for his contributions towards the sets of Dune and Alien. I admit, his skills are pretty astounding.
• James O’ Barr- Cliché I know, but his art has depth and a true film-noir feeling to his work. He’s very much a romantic and I get lost in his works.
• Andrew McQueen- Local artist.
• Jack Vettriano- Another local artist.

Favorite Clothing (that you have): I have a personal love of aged, worn out band-t shirts, lace skirts, long, flowing gowns or skirts, high-heels etc. I tend to “customise” all of my clothes, from cutting out necklines to painting all over them. I tend to go for comfort over anything with clothes.

Favorite Clothing (that you may not necessarily have): Corsets- I absolutely love and adore the shape that corsets give women. However, I feel that there are certain body types that cannot get away wearing corsets, for that reason I do not have the guts to go and buy one.

Favorite Song Lyrics:
“We stop in every passing place
To watch the world move faster than we do
Watch it pass with our eyes closed
The way we usually choose to” - idlewild.


Name at least five GOTHIC bands:
• Bauhaus
• Christian Death
• Rosetta Stone
• UK Decay
• The Mission UK
• Dead Can Dance

Name something that may not fit traditional criteria for being gothic but you may consider gothic anyway: Interpol, musically at least. Although they’re categorised as “indie”, they remind me very much of the dark, primal ambience that Joy Division create.

How did the subculture begin? (DETAILS! The more accurate detail, the better, not just one or two sentences.)
Goth started to derive from Punk/Post-Punk in the late 70’s/early 80’s. A few of the post-punk bands around that time started to get described as “gothic”, (i.e. Siouxsie and The Banshees, The Cure etc.) I do not believe that the subculture really kicked of until the summer of 1982, when the club “The Batcave” opened in London. Since then the subculture has grown and “evolved” into an array of different things.

What do you think of "related" subcultures (cyber, rivethead, graver)? I am not a terrific fan of a lot of the newer subcultures to be honest. I hold no discrimination towards them, their music, their fans and followers of whatever, I simply have a deeply rooted indifference to them. Except when I go to a “goth” night and all I hear is EBM and techno. That irks me.

What do you think of the "gother-than-thou" attitude some represent? I hold little patience for the “gothier than thou” attitude, unless of course it’s in jest. The pretentiousness of the “gothier than thou” attitude leaves very little space for one to be able to laugh at themselves. And.. well… c’mon. With our hair and pointy boots and dodgy dance moves- we have to be able to laugh at ourselves.

How did you get into the subculture? As a child my mother worked nights in a goth-bar/club called “Hell on Earth”, my mum loves goth-rock and post-punk music. I was surrounded by the music and the fasion for the vast majority of my life. It’s just kind of a part of me.
Do you prefer old-school or new-school Goth? Why? OLD-SCHOOL! NANANANANANA! I am a firm fan of the bands who influence the other bands who were influenced by those bands. The old-school stuff, at the time, was innovative, new, exciting and colourful. It was an un-treaded path where so many different people experimented with so many different things. There’s elements of everything in old-school goth music, punk, jazz, soul, rock, classical. It was truly alternative music at the time and creates that certain nostalgic atmosphere.

Why do you consider yourself Gothic? I have deep love of the music, the fashion and the aesthetics. I am a very dark and broody person, living in a city that has barely aged in 800 years I feel a deep appreciation for the dark, macabre ambience of the winding alleys and closes. Many of the things I do hold true to the “darker side” of things. I’m 20 years behind everyone on music and fashion. I’m not afraid to be labelled, or of clichés or stereotypes.
Complete this sentence: Labels are.... A key ingredient to making friends in high-school.
How did you hear about the community? Via. Members of heirs2thethrone, the_goth_elite and other similar communities.

Why do you want to join? Meet like-minded people, expand my knowledge of the past, present and future of the subculture, discover new bands/artists/whatever.


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Me. Smoking. =D

Christmas whore piccie.

A rather ill me, a couple of weeks ago.

This is my Paris Hilton face. ;-)
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